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Mick Sanders, Residential and Commercial Sales
Worth Clark Realty
100 Chesterfield Bus Pkwy, 2FL
St. Louis, MO 63005
Cell: 314-914-1253
Fax: 314-594-9920
Toll-Free: 800-991-6092
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  My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning residential or commercial real estate...efficient, enjoyable, and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services.  -Mick Sanders


Mick sold our house for us over 18 years ago.  He found us another home and that is where we raised our kids.  He always stayed in touch with us, and he was the first person we thought of when we decided to move again.  He sold that home for us and it was under contract within 30 days for our full asking price.  He just helped our son and his wife buy their first home, and they couldn't be more pleased.  Mick's the Best!  -Jack and Janet Hoffman

Mr. Sanders helped us with a very difficult short sale.  We were facing foreclosure and bankruptcy, and didn't want to ruin our credit.  Mick was very patient and understanding and helped us every step of the way.  I wish there was some way we could repay him for all he did.  -Al and Wendy Goldstein.

Mick was a pleasure to work with and did a great job!  -Jason and Becky Stephens

After having a bad experience with my last realtor, I was hesitant to work with another one. I heard about Mick from a friend of mine and decided to give him a call.  I told him about my concerns and I have to admit he put me at ease.  The sale of my home and the purchase of my new home went very well.  I felt very comfortable working with him and would recommend his services.  -Ben and Heather Thomas

My husband and I worked for the federal government and had a high security clearance.  When we found out we were about to lose our home from being upside down on our mortgage, we knew it could well affect our jobs.  We contacted Mick and told him about our situation.  Although it was a difficult sale, he worked with our lenders and helped us complete a short sale on our home.  He saved our credit rating and our jobs.  He was great!  -Tom and Sandy

Mick found us a house about 12 years ago.  About 18 months ago my husband died.  The house was just too big for me, and I needed help to sell the home and move to some place smaller.  He was very compassionate and very sensitive to my recent loss.  He did everything for me and even talked to my attorney to help me through the legal process with all the paperwork.  I now have a new condo that is just perfect for me.  Thanks Mick.  I appreciate all you did.  -Wanda Baker

My husband and I bought some investment property from Mick several years ago. He did a good job for us.  So when we decided to sell a commercial building we had, we gave him a call.  It took a while longer than we had hoped, but we were very pleased and happy with the price we got.  We've recommended Mick to several family members and friends.  -Shelia Cummings

As an attorney, I have high expectations for others that I work with.  Mr. Sanders is very competent and professional.  He definately knows his business.  His attention to detail was excellent, making me feel confident that I had excellent representation in my real estate transaction.   -Jacob Crouse, JD

My husband and I had listed our home with an agent who was referred to us by a friend.  What a disaster!  Right after we signed the papers and she put a sign in our yard, it was like she disappeared.  She would not return phone calls and never serviced our property.  In fact, we seldom heard anything from her.  Before our listing was up, we called Mick Sanders and asked him to take over our listing.  He met with us and had all the paperwork ready to go.  He even called the other agent and asked her to remove her lock box and sign when our listing with her expired.  He kept in touch with us on a regular basis and he ALWAYS answered his phone.  I'm sure we were not his only clients, but he sure made us feel like it!  Thanks Mick.  -Tom and Joyce Gracie

Don't know how you made it so easy.  We LOVE our new home...You're the Man!  Thanks.  -Dave and Scott

My husband was severely injured in a car accident about 3 years ago and is now in a wheelchair.  We had to get away from the steps in the home we'd been living in for years and eventually decided to build a new house.  Mick sold our home and helped me find someone who could build us a new home with special features for my husband's disability.  We're now in our new house and we both love it.  -Lila Evans

We had to relocate to Atlanta for my job.  It all happened very fast and we were clueless about the area.  Mick had sold us our home several years ago, so we called him for some help and advice.  He interviewed several agent there and matched us up with the perfect agent in Atlanta.  She was great to work with and kept Mick in the loop while he listed and sold our house in St. Peters.  It all went off without a hitch.  We could not have asked for better service or for a smoother transaction.  -Nick and Linda Williams

I just can't say enough about Mick's professionalism.  Even with the difficult and emotional sale of our home, he kept his calm and he kept us grounded.  He knew what was best for us in the long run, and he knew how to get the job done. He had our back, and we knew we could trust him.  -Mark and Jennie Gilbert 

We have sold several properties with Mick's help--both personal residences, rental properties, and some farm land.  He seems to be knowledgeable with all types of properties and did a fine job for us.  When we need real estate services again, we'll be sure to give him a call.  -George and Melba

I wanted to sell my house and could not remember the agent's name who sold it to me a few years ago.  A guy I worked with knew Mick from a networking group and suggested I call him.  He took great care of me.  Even though my house was a little starter home, Mick treated me like I was selling a mansion.  Great guy to work with!  -Matt Hoffman